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Ganesha Homa for Good Health and overall stability of mind. January, February, April, May, October. March, June, July, September, December during these months you are advised to pray to your favorite deity and perform recommended rituals. You need to take things slowly and systematically this month. Your single mistake can affect the entire month Scorpio Love and Relationships: You may not get clarity upon misunderstandings with your love partner. Virgo 23rd August to 22nd September. More info: Glow in the dark scorpions. A whippet's friendly personality and stylish looks go very well with the Venus-ruled Libran.

They will plan to get back at the offenders and make them pay heavily for their wrongdoings. Playful and childlike pugs need constant companions and will be the ideal choice for Pisceans.

Some of you may have breakups. Scorpio Money and Finances: Financially, this would be a normal month. This is a good time to go for an eye check-up. Dental care also will be very important during this time. The Sun will start triggering the sector for neck and shoulder area.

This may bring some stress-related issues. You may have a lot of work and communication-related activities. This is not an easy transit and minor issues like cold or fever are also possible. The area from neck to palm area may need a lot of attention. For some people, minor inflammation related challenges can also come up. Take enough rest and sleep well. Venus is moving through the sector for head, brain and cranium area. This is a very good time to attract others. You may try to improve your beauty and health. Most of the minor issues may be related to stress.

This is a time for eye and dental checkup. You will try to make some changes to facial organs. This is also a time to improve your beauty as well. Venus will trigger the matters like for head, cranium and general health area. So, you may get minor headaches as well. You may have a busy schedule and that may make you busier. Try to have a good plan and follow that.

Minor issues like cold and fever are normal during this phase. The sector for the sector for head, cranium and brain area will get triggered by a powerful Mercury and Venus conjunction.

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There is a lot of work and that may give you some stress. Being open since , The Normandie is one of the oldest gay establishments in the Village. Redecorated recently it gathers a friendly clientele of patrons. It offers a variety of beers and Scotch at a very reasonable price, just exactly what you need for a happy hour. A roof terrace where one can enjoy the view and relax. Open 7 days a week the Sky Complex is one of the largest gay complex in Canada and offers three levels.

On the street level, one will find the Sky Pub, an ever so popular spot with different DJs and drag queen shows. It is open from Monday to Sunday, from p. On the 2nd floor, the Sky Cabaret welcomes clubbers fans of top 40 music every Fridays and Saturdays, starting at p. Mixed crowd of Neighbourhood bar in front of Beaudry Metro Cosy ambiance, stylish bathroom. A good selection of drinks. Avec huit DJ en rotation. Musique house. House Music. This pub-style restaurant features 30 plasma screen TV broadcasting every possible sporting event such as football, soccer, boxing, hockey, tennis and so much more.

Patrons can request from their server to adjust the TV screen to the sport channel of their choice. An ideal spot for great food, good beer and watching an exciting game with friends. Open from 8 p. Friendly staff and cute dancers in a completely renovated and upscale place. Legendary after-hours in the Village. Piste de danse. Nombreux partys pour les adeptes du genre.

Bar with dance floor open everyday from 10 a. Popular all the time. Diverse crowd, a meeting place for Bears. Several partys and themed nights monthly. Pool tables and video poker. Male nude dancers open, everyday from 7 pm till 3 am. La belle et sexy Jessie vous attend. Avec Sabrina et Jasmin. Taverne Normandie, , rue Amherst. Avec Alex et Mario. Au Campus, , rue Ste-Catherine Est. Mont-Royal Est. En promo, Long Island Iced Tea! Au Bar Stud. Les charmants et sexy cowboys, Thomas, David et David.

Dj Louie Louie. David danse pour le plaisir des clients. Au Cocktail, , Sainte-Catherine Est. Au Cocktail, , rue Sainte-Catherine Est. Au Normandie, , rue Amherst. Tous les vendredis, avec le Dj Kevin Olsen, musique Top 40, vocal et remixes. Une heure de cours de danse country dans un bar l'fun Offert gratuitement. Avec DJ Franklyne. Info : complexesky. Hip Hop : avec DJ Blaster. Cabaret Mado, , Ste-Catherine Est. Formule 3. Cabaret Mado, , SainteCatherine Est. Grande finale le 26 avril. Musique house — vocal — classic. Tous les dimanches. Avec coanimatrice : Nana.

Au Stud, , rue Sainte-Catherine Est. Un grand concours prend place les dimanches en remplacement de Bagalicious, au Cabaret Mado. La grande finale sera le 26 avril. Le tout sous la houlette de Rita Baga.

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Pour infos ou commandites Weekendfusionmontreal gmail. Attachez-Vos tuques avec de la broche! Je reviens en forme! Les billets sont en vente sur surnommait Jackson. Ce www. C'est toute une logistique!

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Qui peut y participer, est-ce n'importe quelle drag queen? Le talent avant tout. On va voir, j'aimerais bien que ca devienne une tradition. J'adore les concours. J'ai eu beaucoup de plaisir lors de l'animation du Miss Sky avec Emma Dejavu. Les gens qui souhaiteraient s'inscrire ou s'informer peuvent le faire C'est un concours de drag queens qui mise sur le talent, le look et sur ma page Facebook. Quatre candidates s'affronteront toutes les semaines.

Sur T. Non, deux en fin de compte. Alberto Perez entendu! Comme pour les autres partys, il y a bien un code vestimentaire, mais aussi une couleur. En bas, Frederick, Alexandre et Matthew. Avec un nom comme baiser de la lune Bacio della Luna , ce domaine transpire la romance!

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Ou en shooter de nombril. Il peut rester plusieurs jours au frigo, une fois la bouteille ouverte. Il faut le carafer un peu pour en profiter pleinement. Tout commence par un gros plan sur un morceau de tissu rouge. Almodovar explore ce terrain avec tact et pertinence. Et l'insupportable douleur, change les projets de Julieta. Billetterie : www. Billetterie : Infos : mail christopherdiraddo. Pour l'occasion, la Banque TD vous offre un cocktail et le spectacle!

La suite au film Trainspotting T2 sort ce mois-ci et avec lui sa bande sonore. Pour collectionneurs et fans avertis. Absolument malade! Son dernier opus est en fait une surprise remplie de reprises.

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Un ouvrage exceptionnel! Qui est coupable? Schwartz, Paris, Grasset, coll. Le terme anglais pour ITSS infections transmises sexuellement et par le sang. Imaginez-vous une rencontre entre un documentaire et Passe-Partout. Generation KKK. Une horreur.

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Ils auront deux enfants, Todd et Carrie. Cela ne dure que deux minutes dans le film. Ce retour est une bonne nouvelle pour le public. Une bonne production canadienne. The Young Pope.

Et il vient de Brooklyn. The Benefits of Gusbandry. Malheureusement, il est gai. AIDS affected a lot my entourage, close friends, coworkers and my partner who died from it in I started being involved with AmFar in when I did a benefit fashion show in L. A to fight against this terrible disease. People need to be educated about safer sex. Because even if you can take medications and can control it, you still cannot cure it. So awareness is very important. For me, it was a delicious way of proving people wrong. I was urged by different managers to drop the gay content of my act.

They said it would prevent me from having a career. I knew other comedians who were gay but afraid to come out due to homophobia in the industry and in general. Now that I look back upon it — we never knew it at the time, we were just scared and trying to make it in the entertainment business — at the time there were pool parties at my house with Rosie and Ellen and kd and all of us were hanging out.

And we talked about what it might be like if we all came out. We were already so out within the industry and to all our friends that it just made sense that we would cross the line. We did. And each time we did it made us all reexamine our lives. In doing so, each of us united a whole community and hopefully gave other gays the strength to come out. If I am parodying anything at all, it is the tools our society expects women to use to express their femininity.

To me, every day is Pride. I think heterosexuals should march in Provincetown because they are the minority! Sometimes I like to go to straight bars, to feel like an outsider. But Montreal remained pretty decadent and open. So I would come up to Montreal from New York to continue the lascivious fun! She gives birth to you again.

What the hell did I do! When they are born, kids look at people as people. But I am learning a lot from my kids. But it is for actors and singers. Less now, but in the s I would never have come out. But I did. They kept on waving and saying hello to me. So I was away from home from the age of 11 and never went back. Besides, I came from a home of radical free-thinking people. There was no question in my mind that I would be accepted. Then what happens afterwards?

Sexuality and identity have been the ingredients of my music and lyrics since the beginning. It was always there. Developing a sense of candidness takes time.

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People also laugh at me when I say Lincoln was gay. Why is it impossible and why is it funny? I was one of the early ones. I was one of the first to come out and say gay men are fabulous. They gave me a career. There is always a hierarchy no matter where you are or where you go. When I came out in the early s you could still discriminate against gay people.

AIDS was a big issue, so we all developed strong survivor instincts. All of that has been cut from you. So as an intelligent young person you ask yourself the question. I admire that in young people. But I never thought about my gay identity as such — I just lived it. I think how you identify first depends on which identity is under threat. Then that identity becomes primary. Spectacles de drags. City et la chanteuse Tinashe. Salle d'exercice. Enfin, presque tout. Marches : les mercredis. Cours et ateliers ouverts aux GLBT.

Groupe de soutien pour lesbiennes. YMCA Westmount. Ateliers de groupe. SILK silk caeoquebec. Au , de la Couronne, Pour infos au jour le jour : Facebook. Tous les 1er et 3e dimanches de chaque mois. Rencontre chaque 1er dimanche du mois. Moody, bur. Pour les ans gais, lesbiennes, bisexuels et trans. Formation, sensibiliT.

C Volpel. Info : www. Salon de quilles Le Domaine, Granby. Au Salon de quilles Iberville, , rue Iberville.

ginette blais horoscope mensuel Ginette blais horoscope mensuel
ginette blais horoscope mensuel Ginette blais horoscope mensuel
ginette blais horoscope mensuel Ginette blais horoscope mensuel
ginette blais horoscope mensuel Ginette blais horoscope mensuel
ginette blais horoscope mensuel Ginette blais horoscope mensuel
ginette blais horoscope mensuel Ginette blais horoscope mensuel

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