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Scorpio is the eight sign of zodiac and it is a water sign. But this not only goes for your Scorpio crush, but for any other zodiac sign you fancy. As the sign of the zodiac symbol indicates, Sea Green and Aqua are considered the lucky colors for persons with Pisces as their zodiac sign. The Scorpio stone is believed to enhance mental power, as well as boost courage. The official birthstone for November is warm yellow-orange Topaz also known as Imperial Topaz and the November birthstone color is yellow.

Scorpio daily lucky number. Scorpio, one of the most popular wigs by Revlon, is a modern, sophisticated bob-style wig with bangs and sleek straight hair on the side. Choose an Option Red. Scorpio is also considered as the most sensual sign of the zodiac chart. Scorpio Nature Scorpio will distrust you if they smell any kind of game and become cool. Get your Scorpio lucky number, lucky colour, lucky gemstone, lucky letter, lucky days and lucky charm Scorpio horoscope free online from premastrologer. Mahindra and Mahindra Scorpio colours.

The Scorpio woman can find it difficult to trust someone, the Pisces man is completely devoted, no matter what, from the start. Those born under this sign are dead serious in their mission to learn about others. Scorpio Correspondences. The astrologists divide a year is into 12 periods, during each period the sun being in a constellation area.

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If you are a Scorpio, or love a Scorpio, encourage them to take the "wider view", as this will be very beneficial to their overall psychological being. Scorpios are drawn to colors that are dark or powerful. Colors associated with Scorpio are Dark Red and Black.

Scorpio women are complex and seductive and always looking for an angle. If you have any kind of power over others underscore it. But those brave enough to do it will make a perfect match. Scorpio natives are prone to problems and infections of the sex organs. She will discover in him everything she was looking for. The planetary positions around you will stimulate your morale. This Scorpio birthstone occurs mostly in red. The Scorpio woman is by far one of the witchiest signs of the zodiac. Our astrology guide is filled with free Scorpio horoscopes. Scorpio Born people and their Physical Appearance Scorpio horoscope will help you to know about your day to day tasks and tell about the physical expressions you reflect to the outer world.

It means sexy, fast-moving, White cars look cool and smart but the owner should be able to clean it more often tha he cleans himself. Scorpios love the color black, and they will often dress in black from head to toe. You will suffer disappointment- as recognition and rewards that you were Pisces Lucky Color. The ruling planet for the Scorpio Man is Mars, in an archaic sense, and Pluto, in more current astrological practices.

It is one of the three zodiac water signs. The stronger green natural crystals are potent heart chakra stones, that embody love, compassion and forgiveness. Aries natives are bold, violent and highly energetic. It is a small but a nifty feature which allows you to keep a track of your tyre pressure levels. Skin eruptions on the genitals, cystitis and diseases of the urinary tract, and venereal infections are ailments to which Scorpios are very susceptible to.

The zodiac symbol for Scorpio is the scorpion, and the zodiac element is water. According to The Astrology Bible, Scorpio's colors are deep red, maroon, brown and black. Stones diamond, obsidian Fishnets and lingerie are too obvious to intrigue the Scorpio man. A certain someone is in a very scratchy and ratty frame of mind today, making it hard to be around them for long without getting your head bitten off. Even if you think you know them, they still have layers of mystery about them. This classic bob style is both flirty and alluring. Your game of seduction is a subtle one that often begins with a steamy look or sensual touch.

Scorpio symbol - images and interpretations of the Scorpio symbol and ruler. Your Colors: The colors of the moon reflecting light, such as whites, pearls, yellows and periwinkles. Its ruling element is water. Sex with a Scorpio is a profound and protracted affair. You can also do this via text, email, social media, or live in person. The Scorpio zodiac sign prefers to work alone, and to be alone in general. These colors relay an underlining sense of mystery, and also signify strength, power and socialness.

Beryl is the same mineral from which emerald comes from. Scorpio daily horoscope would get to know about the appearance of people, which may help you to analyse the physical stature of an individual. Scorpio Lucky Number Colors not only have an impact in the way you look, they have an effect on your mood, energy, and most important, they can help you tap into your Sun Sign strengths. Available in a flaming red color, it is embroidered by hand with myriads of tone-on-tone glass bugles that follow the shape of the ornament.

Scorpio people are intrigued by power. Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac, and the Eighth House is all about sex, death, and the cycle of regeneration. Thus, when you think of Scorpio, think of colors like blood red, crimson, black, maroon, burgundy and other exciting and intense colors.

Find out which nail colors will help you to feel ready for change during this intense time Some colors represent your personality better than others, and your horoscope sign is a great way to find nail polish color shades that really work for you. Scorpio compatibility - the compatibility of Scorpio with the other astrological signs in love, sex, relationships and life.

They are fiercly independent. Another planetary stone for Scorpio is ruby.


No other color best explains this nature but Black. Role playing, bondage are all on the table, and the preparation is part of the thrill. She is full of flair and intrigue, a fascinating woman that the strong A-type personality male will adore, for she presents the right amount of challenge with the right amount of rewards. Free yearly astrological predictions for Scorpio in love, money, education, career, health, zodiac stone, chakra, lucky color Certain stereotypical behaviour is inevitably associated with each zodiac sign, so is the case with Scorpios.

The Scorpio gemstone is believed to enhance healing and relieve depression. Scorpio history - the history of Scorpio and the stories behind it. Scorpio men are complicated people. Lucky number: 4 Lucky colour: black, purple. Different colors will symbolize different things. Scorpio For the Scorpio, powerful colors feed your soul and black, white and red work great for you. This crystal will help you release that tendency to be secretive or unexpressive.

People born ascendant in Scorpio or who have a Scorpio rising personality are very intense. Pale and pastel shades are out of tune with scorpio sensibilities. Size Guide. Games play better on Xbox One X. The alternative November gemstone is sunny yellow Citrine. Pisces Lucky Stone. Colors The colors of choice for Scorpio are dark red to maroon. Many believe that wearing a gemstone of a specified month provided healing powers. Scorpio often has trust issues and can be highly suspicious of everything. Scorpios are some of the most private people.

The Zodiac sign of Scorpio includes six stones: beryl, apache tear, aquamarine, coral, obsidian, topaz. It is a gift to all those who were born between 24 October and 22 November. Tue Oct Scorpions Rule The Moon moves through Scorpio and your first house of personality today, increasing your energy. The colors of Scorpio include black for primordial mystery, and purple for mysticism and power.

Beryl is the Scorpio birthstone from the Bible. Mars in Scorpio Men. We provide direct links to Scorpio horoscope forecasts and astrology predictions and single out the best Scorpio horoscopes daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Today's Scorpio Horoscope - Thursday, October 24, Know what astrology and the planets have in store for people born under Scorpio sign. I loved the color dark purple berry and i decided to use with the Julep bonding base and top freedom coats.

What are the best colours for your zodiac sign? Discover lucky shades for your sign! Bedroom: The Scorpio bedroom will most likely resemble an opulent, luxurious, sexual boudoir. At the dawn of time, there were 13 Houses in the Zodiac Galaxy.

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Channeling the power of colors. Publishing online since Choose your favorite scorpio designs and purchase them as wall art, home decor, phone cases, tote bags, and more! Even the most traditional Scorpio woman expects to wield power in some area of a relationship. Scorpio men have a powerful sex drive, and are adventurous in the bedroom. Venus in Scorpio shimmers with an intense mojo. A Scorpio's lucky colors are orange, red and yellow; lucky numbers are two, three, nine and four; and lucky gemstone is coral.

You will be able to put more effort on your personal and professional front during this time. In general, Scorpios who like purple resonate well with a lot of colors, they are very flexible and tolerant, but only what is profound and extravagant could hope to have any effect on them. The fascinating Scorpio personality is like no other and is extremely decisive and emotive.

My beautiful Scorpio Intern found this image someplace, and i love it. Try to Develops positive thinking. Exterior; Interior. It's a modern, sophisticated bob-style wig with bangs and sleek straight hair on the side. The Pisces man-Scorpio woman compatibility is very good. The sign of Scorpio covers those born October 24 to November The Scorpio is a complex personality who can be notoriously hard to read and to many they are seen as a total enigma. You searched for: scorpio gift! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search.

Nevertheless, the Scorpio owns a magnetic charm that leaves many an admirer smitten. Find out if the moon's position presents any new opportunities, if today's the day to take a chance on love, or if you should be questioning Colors preferred by Aries. Scorpio loves to create an air of mystery and regardless of what they are wearing one is often. It is believed to be the most powerful sign of the Zodiac and the most misunderstood. Scorpio is considered one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac. Additional Facts About Scorpio. Mahindra Scorpio price starts at Rs 9.

Scorpio Positive Personality Traits. The Scorpio man loves thinking about and planning sex almost more than he enjoys the act itself. And a Scorpio loves knowing this. Opals are also popular in rituals and spells, with different colors said to prevent anything from hair losing its color to bad dreams. It's a season of mystery, and intimacy with the phenomenon of death and rebirth. The Scorpio color tastes vary with the taste of mind and moods. Scorpio is the darkest sign in the zodiac, and it is no wonder Scorpios have a reputation for being mysterious, complex and intense.

Everything in him is passionate and he tends to express this with his lady love. All colors have a strong ability to aid you to manifest, and they may convey joy, happiness and spontaneity. Favorite Colors: Black. Scorpio personality traits show they are resourceful people, they are also good at paying attention to things that others may not notice.

October Scorpio astrological calendar is the best free online daily horoscope. Pendant size: 1. The Astro Twins forecast Scorpio's horoscope for today. Colors will influence a lot of things in life. Scorpio is a great leader, always aware of the situation and also features prominently in resourcefulness. Scorpio is the most compatible with Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. Performed by a Scorpio and about embracing big personalities and letting your colors burst, this song is a no-brainer.

Mahindra and Mahindra Scorpio is available in 4 Colours. Before Pluto was discovered and became the ruling planet of Scorpio, Mars was the ruling planet of the zodiac sign. You'll be intense and powerful, which may overwhelm those who are not as strong as you. Impossible to resist, he is darkly sexy and very intense. Scorpio season is all about transformation. Scorpio likes to know everything. Design by Ammie Kim. See your October Scorpio love horoscope and money horoscope. What is Oracle's stock symbol? How long does it take to get to the ISS? Why don't women's pants have pockets? What celebrities were divorced in ?

The lucky colors of those born under the rule of this planet are black, charcoal grey, maroon, blood red and dark red. What are the specific birthstones for Scorpio? Men with Mars in Scorpio will be a bit possessive. They are highly compatible individuals as they are both deep and intuitive.

Using these birthday stones in the assigned months was to provide spiritual healing and keep away evil spirits. Using different colors can show emotions. Likely to face disappointment as date program may fail. Black color is selected by those cool guys. The persons born under this zodiac are passionate and observant.

THIS is exactly what you should text your Scorpio crush. With straight strands that brush the mid neck area and gentle, fringe bangs, Scorpio by Revlon Wigs creates a soft silhouette that is unmatched. Lucky day — Tuesday.

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Passionately expressive, strong, intense and rebellious are amongst some of the best adjectives to describe this sign. The Scorpio personality is one of passionate which usually means you should have a wardrobe to match.

The gemstone Topaz symbolizes constancy, loyalty, faithfulness and friendship. Scorpio woman is very emotional, very demanding and very demonstrative. The planet of good luck, Jupiter won't return in your sign of Scorpio for another 12 years. Decan 1 Scorpio Horoscope November However, for the Scorpio that likes to sting his prey once in a while, a busy, thorn-bearing tree like the Blackthorn might be just what his soul needs. The favorable colors of Scorpio Sign Scorpio - Red, Maroon or chocolate, Yellow is the safest color for a car but nobody likes to drive a lemon.

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They are compatible with Pisceans, Cancerians, Virgos and Capricorns. These are people who will always be very determined and very decisive. Negative Scorpio Traits. I guess that explains why Scorpio is called the "sign of extremes" and why people born under the sign are all so different from one another. Red Jasper Necklace Jasper. You might appreciate his protective love and dominance in bed nature. It makes me think of a stupid astrology book i once read that said Leos have the most amazing eyes that can stun at 20 paces.

Scorpio taste at times runs a little towards violet shades and vivid contrasts and colours in extreme disharmony and violence creating a battlefield of conflicting shades. The Scorpio people are allied to the great powers of the ocean of this planet. Astrology reveals the effect of planets on Scorpio today. The fiery orange-red lipstick color is an intense, thrilling hue for Scorpio's sexy nature. What are the lucky colors of zodaic sign for Scorpio and Sagittarius? Scorpio - Black, Blood red, Blue-green, Charcoal-grey. Kayla Baptista. Color in this picture of an Scorpio and others with our library of online coloring pages.

While the basic traits of a Scorpio always remain the same, most of them seem FAQ. Wear dark colors such as black, red, blue and purple to get the attention of a Scorpio. Knowing the color of your sign gives you new insight and understanding about yourself and others. Scorpio tidbits; The ruling planets for Scorpio are Mars and Pluto. Wearing these colors makes you shine and turn victorious. You will come up with brilliant new ideas that will bring financial gains.

In fact, it identifies it as one of the boldest in the zodiac. White, red and chocolaty colors are considered as favorable for scorpions. Black is a good color for them. For you, still waters run deep, and you are arguably the most passionate of the water signs. We start to move into the cozy vibe of Fall as well as the mysterious energies that define Halloween! Embrace the unique combination of colors in every person's rainbow. They can be an easy way to give meaning to the things people do in their everyday lives.

A balanced amount of income and expenditure would make it a day worth relaxing and carefully observing situations. Scorpio Colors - Canvas Prints. They have the ability to reflect good the positive and negative vibes. Then again, I'm a Cancer with moon in Scorpio and Leo rising. You can also know more about different aspects of this zodiac sign by reading Scorpio horoscope today. Colors that are traditionally considered masculine colors or that appeal most strongly to or are more closely associated with men can be good choices for marketing messages, websites, and interior designs targeting men.

See how those colors suit Scorpio. These are: the scorpion, the serpent or dragon, the hawk or eagle and the phoenix bird which rises renewed from the ashes of its own funeral pyre. She, on the other hand, brings colors and joys to his life which he has been unaware of in his past life and provides him with a companion who is always by his side to love, care and understands his feelings.

Although emotions are very important for Scorpio, they manifest them differently than other water signs. Under the tropical zodiac most commonly used in Western astrology , the Sun transits this sign on average from October 23 to November The finest match for Scorpio man is Pisces woman. Scorpio: Personality Analysis, Traits And Horoscopes Scorpio is one of the most complex and mysterious signs of the zodiac. Use this fast-drying, long-lasting nail polish to get nails healthy and more beautiful looking at the same time.

Scorpio by Revlon has been rebranded under Rene of Paris. Discover what the planets have in store for you today! The prices of Scorpio diesel variants start at Rs. Now, let us try to understand something about the colors, numbers and precious stones, which may prove lucky for the Scorpio-born.

Compare Scorpio S11 with other variants to support your purchase. It has more symbols than any other. The November Birthstone is Topaz. Elevate your look for a night on the town with this sexy piece. Of all the signs of the zodiac, Scorpio is the only one that has seven symbols. Scorpio Birthstones. The appearances of the Scorpio in art, in archaeology, and in fact in any interesting place.

Scorpio Characteristics: Unfortunately, Scorpios have a bad reputation and are often talked about for their jealous, vengeful streaks. On cuirass and buskins are leopard's heads winged, and the same symbol surmounteth her crown. At her side is a couchant leopard on which her hands rest. She bears a long wand with a very heavy conical head.

The face is beautiful and resolute. Adaptability, steady force applied to an object, steady rule, great attractive power, power of command, yet liked notwithstanding. Kind and generous when not opposed. If ill dignified, obstinate, revengeful, domineering, tyrannical, and apt to turn against another without a cause. She rules the heavens from above the last Decan of Pisces to above the 20 Degree of Aries: including thus a part of Andromeda.

He has large white wings. One wheel of his chariot is shewn. He wears corslet and buskins of scale armour decorated with a winged lion's head, which symbol also surmounts his crown. His chariot is drawn by a lion. His arms are bare, save for the shoulder-pieces of the corslet, and he bears a torch or fire-wand, somewhat similar to that of the Zelator Adeptus Minor. Beneath the chariot are flames, some waved, some salient.

If ill dignified — cruel, intolerant, prejudiced and ill natured. He rules the heavens from above the last Decan of Cancer to the second Decan of Leo; hence he includes most of Leo Minor. Her shoulders, arms, bosom and knees are bare. She wears a short kilt reaching to the knee. Round her waist is a broad belt of scale-mail; narrow at the sides; broader in front and back; and having a winged tiger's head in front.

She wears a Corinthian-shaped helmet and crown with a long plume. It also is surmounted by a tiger's head, and the same symbol forms the buckle of her scale-mail buskins. A mantle lined with tiger's skin falls back from her shoulders. Her right hand rests on a small golden or brazen altar ornamented with ram's heads and with Flames of Fire leaping from it.

Her left hand leans on a long and heavy club, swelling at the lower end, where the sigil is placed; and it has flames of fire leaping from it the whole way down; but the flames are ascending. This club or torch is much longer than that carried by the King or Queen. Beneath her firmly placed feet are leaping Flames of Fire. Brilliance, courage, beauty, force, sudden in anger or love, desire of power, enthusiasm, revenge. His general equipment is similar to that of the Knight of Wands, but upon his helmet, cuirass and buskins is a peacock with opened wings.

He holds a cup in his hand, bearing the sigil of the scale. Beneath his horse's feet is the sea. From the cup issues a crab. Graceful, poetic, Venusian, indolent, but enthusiastic if roused. He rules the heavens from above 20 Degree of Aquarius to 20 Degree of Pisces, thus including the greater part of Pegasus. A VERY beautiful fair woman like a crowned Queen, seated upon a throne, beneath which is flowing water wherein Lotuses are seen. Her general dress is similar to that of the Queen of Wands, but upon her crown, cuirass and buskins is seen an Ibis with opened wings, and beside her is the same bird, whereon her hand rests.

She holds a cup, wherefrom a crayfish issues. Her face is dreamy. She holds a lotus in the hand upon the Ibis. She is imaginative, poetic, kind, yet not willing to take much trouble for another. Coquettish, good-natured and underneath a dreamy appearance. Imagination stronger than feeling. Very much affected by other influences, and therefore more dependent upon dignity than most symbols. She rules from 20 Degree Gemini to 20 Degree Cancer.

On the wheel is the symbol of a scorpion. The eagle is borne as a crest on his crown, cuirass and buskins. General attire like King of Wands. Beneath his chariot is the calm and stagnant water of a lake. His armour resembles feathers more than scales. He holds in one hand a lotus, and in the other a cup, charged with the sigil of his scale. A serpent issues from the cup, and has its head tending down to the waters of the lake. He is subtle, violent, crafty and artistic; a fierce nature with calm exterior. Powerful for good or evil but more attracted by the evil if allied with apparent Power or Wisdom.

Her attire is similar. She stands on a sea with foaming spray. Away to her right a Dolphin. She wears as a crest a swan with opening wings. She bears in one hand a lotus, and in the other an open cup from which a turtle issues. Her mantle is lined with swansdown, and is of thin floating material. Sweetness, poetry, gentleness and kindness. Imaginative, dreamy, at times indolent, yet courageous if roused.

His general equipment is as that of the Knight of Wands, but he wears as a crest a winged six-pointed star, similar to those represented on the heads of Castor and Pollux the Dioscuri, the twins Gemini a part of which constellation is included in his rule. He holds a drawn sword with the sigil of his scale upon its pommel. Beneath his horse's feet are dark-driving stratus clouds. He is active, clever, subtle, fierce, delicate, courageous, skilful, but inclined to domineer. Also to overvalue small things, unless well dignified.

Beneath the Throne are grey cumulus clouds. Her general attire is as that of the Queen of Wands, but she wears as a crest a winged child's head. A drawn sword in one hand, and in the other a large, bearded, newly severed head of a man. Intensely perceptive, keen observation, subtle, quick and confident: often persevering, accurate in superficial things, graceful, fond of dancing and balancing. A WINGED King with Winged Crown, seated in a chariot drawn by Arch Fays, represented as winged youths very slightly dressed, with butterfly wings: heads encircled by a fillet with a pentagram thereon: and holding wands surmounted by pentagrams, the same butterfly wings on their feet and fillets.

General equipment as the King of Wands: but he bears as a crest a winged angelic head with a pentagram on the brows. Beneath the chariot are grey nimbus clouds. His hair long and waving in serpentine whirls, and whorl figures compose the scales of his armour. A drawn sword in one hand; a sickle in the other. With the sword he rules, with the sickle he slays. Full of ideas and thoughts and designs, distrustful, suspicious, firm in friendship and enmity; careful, observant, slow, over-cautious, symbolizes GR:Alpha and GR:Omega; he slays as fast as he creates.

The Feet seem springy, giving the idea of swiftness. Weight changing from one foot to another and body swinging around. She wears as a crest the head of the Medusa with serpent hair. She holds a sword in one hand; and the other rests upon a small silver altar with grey smoke no fire ascending from it. Beneath her feet are white clouds. Throne of the Ace of Wands. Equipment as the Knight of Wands.

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The winged head of a stag or antelope as a crest. Beneath the horse's feet is fertile land with ripened corn. In one hand he bears a sceptre surmounted by a hexagram: in the other a Pentacle like that of the Zelator Adeptus Minor. Unless very well dignified he is heavy, dull, and material. Laborious, clever, and patient in material matters. If ill dignified, he is avaricious, grasping, dull, jealous; not very courageous, unless assisted by other symbols.

One side of her face is light, the other dark; and her symbolism is best represented in profile. Her attire is similar to that of the Queen of Wands: but she bears a winged goat's head as a crest. A goat is by her side. In one hand she bears a sceptre surmounted by a cube, and in the other an orb of gold. She is impetuous, kind; timid, rather charming; great-hearted; intelligent, melancholy; truthful, yet of many moods. He bears as a crest the symbol of the head of the winged bull. Beneath the chariot is land, with many flowers. In the one hand he bears an orb of gold held downwards, and in the other a sceptre surmounted by an orb and cross.

Increase of matter. Increases good or evil, solidifies; practically applies things. Steady; reliable. If ill dignified he is selfish, animal and material: stupid. In either case slow to anger, but furious if roused. A grove of trees near her. Her form suggests Hebe, Ceres, and Proserpine. She bears a winged ram's head as a crest: and wears a mantle of sheepskin. In one hand she carries a sceptre with a circular disk: in the other a Pentacle similar to that of the Ace of Pentacles. If ill dignified she is wasteful and prodigal. She rules over one quadrant of the heavens around the North Pole of the Ecliptic.

HERE follow the descriptions of the smaller cards of the four suits, thirty-six in number, answering unto the thirty-six Decans of the Zodiac. Thus —. Saturn 1. Leo Strife 5 of Wands. Jupiter 1. Leo Victory 6 of Wands. Mars 1. Leo Valour 7 of Wands. One more Decan than the others. Sun 1. Virgo Prudence 8 of Pentacles. Capricorn Earthly Power 4 of Pentacles. Venus 1. Virgo Material Gain 9 of Pentacles. Mercury 1. Virgo Wealth 10 of Pentacles. Moon 1. Libra Peace Restored 2 of Swords. There being thirty-six Decans and seven Planets, it follows that one of the latter must rule over one more Decan than the others.

This is the Planet Mars, to which are allotted the last Decan of Pisces, and the first of Aries, because the long cold of the winter requires a great energy to overcome it, and initiate spring. Here follow the general meanings of the small cards of the suits, as classified under the nine Sephiroth below Kether. Therefore do they generally imply the initiation and fecundation of a thing. The central symbol on each card.

Action definitely commenced for good or evil. Ultimate success or failure is otherwise shewn. HB:NTzCh Generally shew a force transcending the Material Plane: and is like unto a Crown; which, indeed, is powerful, but requireth one capable of wearing it. The Sevens then shew a possible result: which is dependent on the action then taken.

They depend much on the symbols that accompany them. Executive power, because they restore a firm basis. Powerful for good or evil. The matter thoroughly and definitely determined. Ultimating Force. One wand is upright in the middle; the others cross each other. Flames leap from the point of junction. Above the middle wand is the sign Saturn, and below is that of Leo: thus representing the Decante.

Violent strife and boldness, rashness, cruelty, violence, lust, desire, prodigality and generosity; depending on whether the card is well or ill dignified. It will be seen that this is how the meanings have been done; but the advanced student can go beyond this rude working. TWO hands in grip as the last, holding six wands crossed three and three. Flames issue from the point of junction. Above and below are short wands with flames issuing, surmounted respectively by the symbols of Jupiter and Leo, representing the Decan. Victory after strife: Love: pleasure gained by labour: carefulness, sociability and avoiding of strife, yet victory therein: also insolence, and pride of riches and success, etc.

The whole dependent on the dignity. TWO hands holding by grip six wands, three crossed. A third hand issuing from a cloud at the lower part of the card, holding an upright wand which passes between the others. Above and below the central wand are the symbols of Mars and Leo, representing the Decan. Possible victory, depending on the energy and courage exercised; valour; opposition, obstacles and difficulties, yet courage to meet them; quarrelling, ignorance, pretence, and wrangling, and threatening; also victory in small and unimportant things: and influence upon subordinates. A WHITE Radiating Angelic Hand, issuing from a cloud, and grasping a branch of a rose tree, with four white roses thereon, which touch only the four lowermost Pentacles.

No rosebuds even, but only leaves, touch the four uppermost disks. All the Pentacles are similar to that of the Ace, but without the Maltese cross and wings. They are arranged like the geomantic figure Populus. Above and below them are the symbols Sun and Virgo for the Decan. Venus and Virgo above and below.

Complete realization of material gain, good, riches; inheritance; covetous; treasuring of goods; and sometimes theft and knavery. The whole according to dignity. Yesod of HB:H Inheritance, much increase of goods. AN Angelic Hand, holding by the lower extremity a branch whose roses touch all the Pentacles.

No buds, however, are shewn. Completion of material gain and fortune; but nothing beyond: as it were, at the very pinnacle of success. Old age, slothfulness; great wealth, yet sometimes loss in part; heaviness; dullness of mind, yet clever and prosperous in money transactions. Two crossed swords, like the air dagger of a Z. Upon the point where the two cross is a rose of five petals, emitting white rays. Contradictory characters in the same nature, strength through suffering; pleasure after pain.

Sacrifice and trouble, yet strength arising therefrom, symbolized by the position of the rose, as though the pain itself had brought forth beauty. Arrangement, peace restored; truce; truth and untruth; sorrow and sympathy. Aid to the weak; arrangement; justice, unselfishness; also a tendency to repetition of affronts on being pardoned; injury when meaning well; given to petitions; also a want of tact, and asking question of little moment; talkative.

Chokmah of Vau. Quarrel made up, yet still some tension in relations: actions sometimes selfish, sometimes unselfish. THREE White Radiating Angelic Hands, issuing from clouds, and holding three swords upright as though the central sword had struck apart the two others, which were crossed in the preceding symbol : the central sword cuts asunder the rose of five petals, which in the previous symbol grew at the junction of the swords; its petals are falling, and no white rays issue from it.


Disruption, interruption, separation, quarrelling; sowing of discord and strife, mischief-making, sorrow and tears; yet mirth in Platonic pleasures; singing, faithfulness in promises, honesty in money transactions, selfish and dissipated, yet sometimes generous: deceitful in words and repetitions; the whole according to dignity. The rose of five petals with white radiations is reinstated on the point of their intersection. Rest from sorrow; yet after and through it. Peace from and after war. Relaxation of anxiety. Quietness, rest, ease and plenty, yet after struggle.

Goods of this life; abundance; modified by dignity as is usual. Leaves only, and no buds, surmount them. These lotus stems ascend between the cups in the manner of a fountain, but no water flows therefrom; neither is there water in any of the cups, which are somewhat of the shape of the magical instrument of the Zelator Adeptus Minor.

Death, or end of pleasure: disappointment, sorrow and loss in those things from which pleasure is expected. Sadness, treachery, deceit; ill-will, detraction; charity and kindness ill requited; all kinds of anxieties and troubles from unsuspected and unexpected sources. Geburah of HB:H Disappointment in love, marriage broken off, unkindness of a friend; loss of friendship. AN Angelic Hand, as before, holds a group of stems of water-lilies or lotuses, from which six flowers bend, one over each cup. From these flowers a white glistening water flows into the cups as from a fountain, but they are not yet full.

Above and below are Sun and Scorpio referring to the Decan. Commencement of steady increase, gain and pleasure; but commencement only. Also affront, detection, knowledge, and in some instances contention and strife arising from unwarranted self-assertion and vanity. Sometimes thankless and presumptuous; sometimes amiable and patient. According to dignity as usual. THE seven cups are arranged as two descending triangles above a point: a hand, as usual, holds lotus stems which arise from the central lower cup.

The hand is above this cup and below the middle one. With the exception of the central lower cup, each is overhung by a lotus flower, but no water falls from these into any of the cups, which are all quite empty. Above and below are the symbols of the Decanate Venus and Scorpio.

Possible victory, but neutralized by the supineness of the person: illusionary success, deception in the moment of apparent victory. Lying, error, promises unfulfilled. Drunkenness, wrath, vanity. Lust, fornication, violence against women, selfish dissipation, deception in love and friendship. Often success gained, but not followed up. Modified as usual by dignity.

Netzach of HB:H Lying, promises unfulfilled; illusion, deception, error; slight success at outset, not retained. They hold eight wands, crossed four with four. Surmounting the small wands with flames issuing down them, and placed in the centre at the top and bottom of the card respectively, are the symbols of Mercury and Sagittarius for the Decan.

Too much force applied too suddenly. Very rapid rush, but quickly passed and expended. Violent, but not lasting. Swiftness, rapidity, courage, boldness, confidence, freedom, warfare, violence; love of open air, field-sports, gardens and meadows. Generous, subtle, eloquent, yet somewhat untrustworthy; rapacious, insolent, oppressive. Theft and robbery. According to dignity. FOUR hands, as in the previous symbol, holding eight wands crossed four and four; but a fifth hand at the foot of the card holds another wand upright, which traverses the point of junction with the others: flames leap herefrom.

Above and below are the symbols Moon and Sagittarius. Tremendous and steady force that cannot be shaken.

Herculean strength, yet sometimes scientifically applied. Great success, but with strife and energy. Victory, preceded by apprehension and fear. Health good, and recovery not in doubt. Generous, questioning and curious; fond of external appearances: intractable, obstinate. FOUR hands holding eight wands crossed as before. A fifth hand holding two wands upright, which traverses the junction of the others. Flames issuant. Saturn and Sagittarius.

Cruel and overbearing force and energy, but applied only to material and selfish ends. Sometimes shows failure in a matter, and the opposition too strong to be controlled; arising from the person's too great selfishness at the beginning. Ill-will, levity, lying, malice, slander, envy, obstinacy; swiftness in evil and deceit, if ill dignified.

Also generosity, disinterestedness and self-sacrifice, when well dignified. TWO wheels, disks or pentacles, similar to that of the Ace. They are united by a green-and-gold serpent, bound about them like a figure of 8. It holds its tail in its mouth. A White Radiant Angelic Hand holds the centre of the whole. No roses enter into this card. Above and below are the symbols of Jupiter and Capricorn. It is a revolving symbol. The harmony of change, alternation of gain and loss; weakness and strength; everchanging occupation; wandering, discontented with any fixed condition of things; now elated, then melancholy; industrious, yet unreliable; fortunate through prudence of management, yet sometimes unaccountably foolish; alternatively talkative and suspicious.

Kind, yet wavering and inconsistent. Fortunate in journeying. The Pentacles are arranged in an equilateral triangle. Above and below the symbols Mars and Capricorn. Working and constructive force, building up, creation, erection; realization and increase of material things; gain in commercial transactions, rank; increase of substance, influence, cleverness in business, selfishness.

Commencement of matters to be established later. Narrow and prejudiced. Keen in matters of gain; sometimes given to seeking after impossibilities. A HAND holding a branch of a rose tree, but without flowers or buds, save that in the centre is one fully blown white rose. Pentacles are disposed as on the points of a square; a rose in its centre. Symbols Sun and Capricorn above and below to represent the Decan. Assured material gain: success, rank, dominion, earthy power, completed but leading to nothing beyond.

Prejudicial, covetous, suspicious, careful and orderly, but discontented. Little enterprise or originality. TWO Rayed Angelic Hands each holding two swords nearly upright, but falling apart of each other, right and left of the card. A third hand holds a sword upright in the centre as though it had disunited them. The petals of the rose, which in the four had been reinstated in the centre, are torn asunder and falling.

Above and below are Venus and Aquarius for Decan. Contest finished and decided against the person; failure, defeat, anxiety, trouble, poverty, avarice, grieving after gain, laborious, unresting; loss and vileness of nature; malicious, slanderous, lying, spiteful and tale-bearing. A busybody and separator of friends, hating to see peace and love between others.

Cruel, yet cowardly, thankless and unreliable. Clever and quick in thought and speech. Feelings of pity easily roused, but unenduring. TWO hands, as before, each holding two swords which cross in the centre. Rose re-established thereon. Mercury and Aquarius above and below, supported on the points of two short daggers or swords. Success after anxiety and trouble; self-esteem, beauty, conceit, but sometimes modesty therewith; dominance, patience, labour, etc. A third hand holds up a single sword in the centre.

The Rose of the previous symbols of this suit is held up by the same hand which holds the central sword: as if the victory were at its disposal. Symbols of Moon and Aquarius. Partial success. Yielding when victory is within grasp, as if the last reserves of strength were used up. Inclination to lose when on the point of gaining, through not continuing the effort.

Love of abundance, fascinated by display, given to compliments, affronts and insolences, and to spy upon others. Inclined to betray confidences, not always intentionally. Rather vacillatory and unreliable. There are only two flowers shown, which bend over the two central cups, pouring into them a white water which fills them and runs over into the three lowest, which later are not yet filled U U U The three uppermost are quite empty. At the top and U U bottom of the card are symbols Saturn and Pisces.

Temporary success, but without further results. Thing thrown aside as soon as gained. Not lasting, even in the matter in hand. Indolence in success. Journeying from place to place. Misery and repining without cause. Seeking after riches. Cups are arranged in three rows of 3. Jupiter and Pisces above and below. Complete and perfect realization of pleasure and happiness, almost perfect; self-praise, vanity, conceit, much talking of self, yet kind and lovable, and may be self-denying therewith. High-minded, not easily satisfied with small and limited ideas. Apt to be maligned through too much self-assumption.

A good and generous, but sometimes foolish nature. Yesod of HB:H Complete success, pleasure and happiness, wishes fulfilled. A single lotus flower surmounts the top cup, and is the source of the water that fills it. Above and below the symbols Mars and Pisces. Permanent and lasting success and happiness, because inspired from above. Pleasure, dissipation, debauchery, quietness, peacemaking. Kindness, pity, generosity, wantonness, waste, etc. It represents boredom, and quarrelling arising therefrom; disgust springing from too great luxury. In particular it represents drug-habits, the sottish excess of pleasure and the revenge of nature.

On two small wands above and below, with flames of five issuing therefrom, are the symbols of Mars and Aries for the Decan. Strength, domination, harmony of rule and of justice. Boldness, courage, fierceness, shamelessness, revenge, resolution, generous, proud, sensitive, ambitious, refined, restless, turbulent, sagacious withal, yet unforgiving and obstinate. Above and below are the symbols Sun and Aries. Established force, strength, realization of hope. Completion of labour. Success after struggle. Pride, nobility, wealth, power, conceit.

Rude self-assumption and insolence. Generosity, obstinacy, etc.

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