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Virgo season is here!

You will become busy formulating strategies to shore up your finances around midweek. An encouraging opportunity will come your way. You need to act fast to grab this opportunity. Luck knocks for professionals in form of a big job opportunity with better prospects. Get ready to accept new challenges to prove your worth.

In matters of the heart, you may face some unpleasant situations dealing with your soul-mate. You need to be calm and have patience on your side. Just remain careful about receivables from customers. You will have a healthy financial position. Refrain from taking major risks in financial matters for now. Singles will yearn for physical intimacy with a member of the opposite sex.

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Married couples need to kindle the fire to enjoy pleasures of marital life. Common cough and cold will bother you this week. Though it sounds ordinary, do not take it lightly and treat this urgently for good.

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However, positive vibes of Jupiter will save the day for you. Avoid calculated risk to enhance your prospects. Jupiter will also present good opportunities to benefit monetarily. Financial position will be strengthen. Make sure to focus on saving for the future. You might encounter some health issues so take care. You are required to work hard to achieve desired results whether at work or in business.

You will remain in comfortable financial position. While planning finances, you need to keep enough provision for contingency. Singles who are seeking a relationship need to check all quarters, before making any major commitments. Married couples will spend enjoyable time with their partner. Health-wise, minor issues like common cough and cold may lead to complications, if not treated promptly.


So, take care! Remain attentive about financial transactions. Those at work need to perform to the fullest of their potential. You may spend money on buying luxuries and entertainment. Though your financial position will be comfortable, you have to be careful in spending your hard earned money.

You will tend to find fault of a person all the times. Love birds will have an enjoyable time with their sweetheart this week. Beware of the so called friends, who distract you from your work for worldly pleasures. You need to remain balanced and concerned while dealing with differences in any relationship.

You must be careful in handling matters related to finance. Jupiter will work well in increasing your income and in turn strengthening your position on the financial front. Health needs to be monitored. Your careless about your food habits lately may cause troubles now. So, be careful. But do not let down yourself further and try to have an intense discussion with your spouse. Both of you can solve every problem and you never know that your spouse may come out as your biggest support. The beginning of this week is not the propitious time for your business; be ready for the adverse situation that may hamper your transactions.

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Rather fortune may come if you let your wife own a new merchandise. Sign up for Horoscope alerts. However the best what you can do is to try discussing about the problem with others. It will always help you getting rid of troubles. If your daughter is already married, you are warned that complexities may arise in her life. The period of turmoil will begin from 10th of the month.

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The sudden death of a very close relative may agonize you. Your engagement in philanthropic activities,your financial contribution and tiring efforts may draw attention of many and as a result you might feel an elevation of your social status. After 5th may win a competition and that may earn social recognition for you. You can be offered to join a political party. Otherwise the first week may go well. Your mother may deteriorate and you may be put in utter distress. Your children may encounter several occurrences of happiness.

You may also receive love and support from your relatives. Your expectations may get fulfilled and during the last 3 or 4 days some good news may wait for you. Neptune's retrograde actually provides a bit of clarity, allowing us to see ways to step around problems, if we chose to use it. It has the potential to enhance our natural talents, if we pay attention to them. Just be careful not to spend a lot of money at the same time as tapping into our talents, as we are not likely to regain those funds.

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So we have been talking a lot about Saturn in the mix which is no longer retrograde as we head into this season. Just watch for Saturn do overs as it moves through the shadow left from the retrograde transit, which lasts through the entire season until Christmas time. This equinox chart is heaviest with Cardinal sign qualities and Earth sign Elements. While the planetary line up for the start of this season is not spectacular, there are plenty of potentials here if we don't mope and lament. Change is possible but it will need to come from within and we can't wait for someone to sweep in to fix our stuff.

Otherwise, this season may feel like a huge wallow fest as we head into the holiday season. We were able to get the updated code fixed for the pages within 24 hours of the situation and everything should be relatively back to normal. Pluto and Capricorn go direct on October 3, giving you the much-needed power to make a seismic personal transformation. Hitting the reset button always feels nice, and you deserve it! Intense and secretive Scorpio season lights up on October 23 when the sun enters its sign. You might not think so around the 27th when Mars-Saturn square.

This is not a crazy month for you, Virgo.

But frankly that should come as a relief considering what some of the other signs are going through this month! If things have felt a little uncertain and disorganized lately, the Mercury-Saturn sextile on October 14 marks a good time to play catch up. Brace yourself for some unexpected setbacks and rejections during the Mars-Saturn square on October She lives and works in Brooklyn, where she is currently working on her first book through The Countryman Press due By submitting this form, you will be subscribed to news and promotional emails from Leafly and you agree to Leafly's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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taurus horoscope seattle times Taurus horoscope seattle times
taurus horoscope seattle times Taurus horoscope seattle times
taurus horoscope seattle times Taurus horoscope seattle times
taurus horoscope seattle times Taurus horoscope seattle times
taurus horoscope seattle times Taurus horoscope seattle times

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